We have prepared for you elementary rules for successful betting. 

The 10 golden rules for successful sports betting are:

1. become an expert

No matter how good the odds for a sport may be. If you are not expert in it, then you should leave the fingers of it. The range of bookmakers is sometimes so extensive that you lose track of all the betting options. You should anticipate this.

At best, you bet only on the sport that you know well. Because then you can correctly assess the favorites and understand even the most confusing statistics.

Besides the fact that you should be familiar with the sport, you also have to keep an eye on the respective league. A bit of reading in and comparing statistics definitely makes sense beforehand.

2. compare odds

Of course, the betting odds are very similar in principle. There is hardly any bookmaker whose odds stand out overwhelmingly from other providers. And yet, it can be very useful to compare the odds. For those who want to place combination bets, for example, can achieve large profit yields with even small differences.

In addition, it should be noted that the odds change. For example, the odds for a game in soccer at the beginning of the week are different than shortly before kickoff. If you want to proceed tactically, you should definitely write down the changes here once and put earlier or later, depending on the provider and the encounter.

3. prefer single bets to combination bets

Combi bets are of course a lucrative business. But you have to keep in mind that you only win if you are right with all tips. There are “insurances”, with which also once a tip may go wrong. But these also “cost” something in the end. Because the odds, which are multiplied with each other in a combination bet, receive a devaluation by an insurance.

Therefore, you should always consider how many encounters in combination bets are really smart. In principle, one drives with a 3er combination bet pretty well.

There are always betting slips presented on the Internet, where people pretend to have tipped more than 10 encounters correctly. But they are mostly fake. Because it needs beside the necessary expertise also always a lot of luck that all results occur in such a way, as tipped.

4. money management is the be-all and end-all!

Safe bets do not exist, so you should never bet more than you really have available. This is part of money management. You calculate how much money you still have at your disposal after deducting rent, living expenses and so on. And even from that, you should only use a certain amount for betting.

If you are very good at money management, you will also include the respective statistics in addition to the listing of profits and losses. Why did you bet on the team you won or lost with? This is the only way to get a reliable system that also yields profits on the basis of reasonable stakes.

5. take losses into account – nobody is infallible!

Caution is the mother of china… you know the saying! And know-it-all attitude makes you angry especially when you have just placed a wrong tip. Therefore, under no circumstances should you believe that a winning streak will be endless. Something can always happen to turn everything upside down. That’s why you should always keep a cool head despite all the euphoria.

6. remain objective!

The tip that you should always bet only in the sport in which you know, has a catch. Because usually you will find your favorite team in the sport. And if you have a lot of fan love, you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to bet on matches with your favorite team. Because you’ll never be completely objective here.

Switching off emotions is difficult. Also, impulsive bets are placed much too quickly and you have led your own system ad absurdum. It is important never to place a bet guided by emotions. If one is with too much euphoria, one should leave the fingers before the respective meeting. The risk is too high that you bet more than you should actually do according to money management and better knowledge.

7. do not incur debts!

What good is the fun of betting if at some point you no longer have money available? Here you should not borrow money under any circumstances. Because in such a way one arrives fast into obligations, which one cannot settle possibly any longer.

Debts are always quickly associated with a betting addiction. Because why do you bet money that you don’t actually have? Correct, because one has the one ultimate tip in mind. One that brings in more money than you’ve spent in the last few weeks. But you should never rely on that. Especially not if it’s not your own money.

8. no sloppiness!

If you inform yourself extensively, you sometimes get the feeling of superiority. You have all the statistics in your head anyway. In addition, one knows the sport so well that one can also simply place an intermediate bet!

This is no problem with small amounts. Only you should always keep them under control. Because otherwise are quickly times several small amounts spontaneously set, which were not analyzed enough on risk.

It is worthwhile to think a lot and to check statistics despite supposedly better knowledge. Only those who hedge twice, drive relatively safe and have the betting event under control.

9. favorites are not always the best choice!

The lowest odds, so also the most likely winner. This is true – more or less. Because in the end, it is not recommendations, which the bookmakers pronounce. If you always bet only on the favorites, you will just as little achieve a positive betting balance.

10. stay patient!

The last point is the most important! Because only those who show patience will be able to enjoy steady profits in the end. No betting system shows its true value after a few weeks. You have to play for a few weeks before you can make an informed statement about its effectiveness.