Betting on tennis like a pro? In this article you will learn what you have to pay attention to when betting on tennis. So you can place your first tennis bet optimally informed. We show you tips, systems, strategies and introduce you to established tennis betting providers.

The system for tennis betting

Important terms and betting systems for tennis betting:

Betting odds

  • The betting odds, or odds for short, determine the amount of profit. For the profit, the stake is multiplied by the odds. This means that if the odds are high, you will make a relatively large profit even with a small stake, and vice versa.
  • The betting providers base their odds on the predicted probability. The more likely a goal is to occur, the lower the odds.
  • The bettor therefore tries to predict by means of a forecast how likely a certain result (more on this in a moment) will occur.
  • In short: if you bet on the underdog, you will win more in the event of success. But the risk is higher, because the success case probably occurs less often.

Tip: Therefore, you should practically always pay attention to the odds with every bet. As a rule, the betting odds also differ somewhat from provider to provider. It may therefore make sense to have an account with two or three providers and place the bet where the odds are best for you. 

How do the providers come up with the odds for tennis?

The betting providers ultimately live from predicting the odds as accurately as possible. Of course, the betting providers do not reveal this in detail. Therefore, one can only assume that the providers at least analyze the world ranking, the direct comparison (head-to-head) and the last matches and make their prediction based on this.

Types of bets in tennis betting

  • The single bet

The single bet comes in two varieties:

  • Tendency bet – Who will win a service game, a certain set or the whole match;
  • Result bet How exactly a certain set or match will end;
  • The combination bet

With a combination bet you can combine different matches bindingly, which increases the risk but also the odds significantly.

  • The system bet

Besides single bets on a single match and the combination bet on several matches, there are system bets in tennis.

The system bet defuses the combination bet, because not all events must occur for a win.

Betting fraud in professional tennis

Especially in tennis, it is hardly objectively provable if a player intentionally loses a service game, a set or a match. The risk of betting fraud is therefore fundamentally high in tennis.

The more players rely on the bribe, the greater the danger. It is probably not uncommon for players ranked 400 and above in the world rankings to try to finance their tour life with such additional income. For example, sets 1 and 2 are agreed upon and then in set 3 (only) the winner is played out.

Even if it is difficult to prove, tennis players have already been banned for life. This will not be the last betting scandal in professional tennis.