In a modern world, the idea of living without the Internet seems ridiculous. There are generations, who do not imagine a time when it did not exist. So the majority of humans today use it on a daily basis and thus it has a huge impact on many aspects. Due to the spreading of the World Wide Web the way we communicate, shop and even gamble has changed dramatically. From the very beginning it is no surprise that the online gambling business was already attractive and billions-worthy. Nowadays, there are numerous websites where you can easily go and gamble. No matter where you are from, having access to the Internet allows you to join this virtual gaming world.

As mentioned above, there are many online gambling websites today. Even the most sophisticated gambler will likely find something to satisfy his or her needs. Some of these have been around since the very beginning, of the following rapid rising of popularity.  In particular, a few of them had a big impact on the industry and inspired the newer ones to enter the market. For instance, CasinoChan Canada, which is a very user-friendly casino with a large game collection, is the result of those inspirations.

The development of online gambling sites would not be possible without the engagement of different technology companies. Some of those will supply the gambling technologies to online casinos. That is why you occasionally notice some similarities between all of them. But without their innovative software and creativeness, the development wouldn’t be as impressive.

The very first online casino was launched in 1994. It is still difficult to clarify who exactly was the founder since several companies made such claims. In fact, some of those claimants are still up and running even today! People, who are interested in the industry would most likely get disappointed by what online casinos were back then. The range of games the companies would provide was fairly small and not as entertaining as what we have now. Although, we should give them credit, because considering the modernity of the technology, back in the 90s it was very impressive. As time passed, some companies went into the sunset. But in the same breath, it gave a necessary push to all of those yet-to-comers. This contributed to the development of the online gambling industry and created the necessary conditions for it to flourish. The market was becoming more and more competitive and all of the companies did not want to lag behind. This made the offer on the modern market so wide that now there is a real problem of choosing a site for gambling.

Now online casinos are not much inferior to offline ones. In the wake of the pandemic boom in 2020, for those who like to gamble, this is the only option available. Some began to understand the convenience of playing through a smartphone or computer. In this regard, this business is developing at an even faster pace and may soon completely replace the land-based casinos we are used to.