We could almost say that this very conception of online casinos and games was born at the same time as the founding of the company NetEnt, because its slot machines were the first to flood these digital platforms open to all. For the record, it was in 1996 that the company was founded, and the first digital designs of NetEnt games were offered at every free casino. Most of them are available on our website in free editions without downloading.


Thereafter, life is not a long, quiet river, but almost for NetEnt, the publisher generously linking multiple graphic designs and configurations of slot machines and other table games, with a renewal of designs to keep up with current trends, and even trying to anticipate them. For if all of the company’s applications are naturally available on mobile devices, knowing full well that gamblers are playing more and more on their smartphones, Androids and iPhone, even touch tablets, it is another vision and conception of online betting games that has been proposed by the publisher.

Game Developer and Creator

NetEnt is among others one of the instigators of the creation of games with live dealers. This new generation of table games for blackjack, poker, roulette, or even baccarat, is certainly a reflection of the expectations of the players and what can be achieved with new technologies. All the more so as these applications will be especially appreciable with the addition of a VR helmet such as the Oculus Rift. And the editor’s latest achievement, still at the concept stage, is the creation of a completely fictitious online gaming establishment modeled in 3D, with the player wearing his virtual reality helmet being able to wander through the alleys of slot machines or near poker tables, and then being able to choose entertainment in complete freedom, with the virtual almost prevailing over the real thing.

Popular free slots and bonuses

NetEnt is certainly one of the most popular publishers on the circuit, and that includes free themed slots that have forever marked the history of online casinos. That’s why the most popular free and no-download titles will include Guns N’Roses, which is precisely the epic tale of this major rock band of the 80s and 90s, or Aliens and Planet of the Apes, which are slot machines based very precisely on the most successful film creations of the moment, and for which the company has acquired exclusive rights.

What greatly contributes to the success of some of NetEnt’s titles, and which you will certainly find on our platform without downloading and free of charge, are the bonuses that are closely linked to them. These are free spins that will be delivered either in a no-deposit bonus format by the software itself, so that you can freely discover its latest creations at an affiliated casino, or redistributed via the activation of scatter symbols during your spins. The free betting spins are then widely distributed by NetEnt, especially during games on progressive jackpots slots. And this will be the case with the Starbust application, or even Mega Fortune. We will go into more detail about these applications in the section on record jackpots, but one thing is certain: these features are very profitable. We can also recall the bonus mini-games offered by some of the publisher’s titles, such as Crime Scene, but also on the making of Divine Fortune, with a Point & Click configuration that can allow you to win an exceptional jackpot, or even free betting rounds and winnings that can be multiplied tenfold depending on the multiplier discovered.

Disadvantages of the Games

Nothing and no one is fully perfect, and there are always small inconveniences, however small, that will taint the pleasure undertaken during a game. And NetEnt with its slot machines is no exception to the rule. 

Special configurations:

While the vast majority of NetEnt’s video slots are offered in a classic 5-reel, 3-row layout, a few titles will be the exception. This will be the case with Dazzle Me, for example. But it will be difficult for many gamblers to see the real effects, or even to get used to this particular layout, because it is not easy to get used to it, especially when setting up the bets. And this is what has sometimes been criticized by some punters.

Pirated Software: 

This is the great controversy that has agitated the world of online casinos all this year 2017, and which affects independently of its will, the publisher NetEnt. Iea casinos offer pirated games in the same form as the original NetEnt titles, but whose slots are presented under another domain name. This is a hurtful blow to the company, and seriously undermines the willingness of gamblers to rely on its applications. 

Important losses

As we mentioned in the previous points, it is indeed proven that some NetEnt applications can generate much higher losses than others, and this volatility will not always be determined at the very opening of the game on online casinos. 

The biggest NetEnt jackpot

Player winning at a slot machine

Briefly presented in the previous points, NetEnt is a slot machine publisher that has certainly distributed some of the biggest jackpots in the history of online casinos. For reference, the latest record jackpot was scored on the Mega Fortune slot machine, and it reached $17.8M. This incredible win, identified in 2016, followed a previous record win of $15M held by this same NetEnt slot machine, and that was in 2015. We are currently waiting for the big winner in 2017 to complete this record winning streak. The Starburst slot machine is also a large distributor of record winnings, with scores reaching $10M each year. Unfortunately, there are no free slots like Zorro.

And, as we have previously testified, winnings between $100k and $500k are distributed regularly every month. Be careful though, because as a reminder, these record jackpots are won on progressive jackpots games, and of course, it will be mostly large losses that will have to be considered before discovering one of these mega jackpots. And this is a fact that must be taken into account, and you will have to be cool, even methodical, to be one of the lucky winners in NetEnt casinos.