Formally, in Canada, online casinos are allowed only in some provinces, in most of the country, there are bans. Do you want to know more information about gambling in Canada? You will find it in the article.

Online gambling in the country

The provinces that receive the most income from the gambling business: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta. PlayAmo Casino Canada and other sites offer a large selection of lotteries and other gambling games: casinos, sports betting, poker, slot machines.

Canada’s gambling business has been successfully developing since the 1990s, the market volume is gradually increasing. However, Canadians spend a lot of money on overseas online sites and casinos in the neighboring United States. Therefore, the Canadian authorities are trying to modernize their gambling systems to be competitive.

At the same time, Canada has one of the best programs to protect society from the harmful effects of gambling. Therefore, the percentage of addicted players is minimal here.

Canadian legislation does not make significant distinctions between land-based and online gambling businesses. Provinces offer online games as a variation of their lottery schemes.

Often so-called “legal representatives” are involved in online gambling. Typically, this role is played by the Royal Corporation. Thus, online gambling in Canada is a state monopoly.

At the end of 2014, the Quebec government published a report justifying the need to change the Criminal Code regarding online games. An amendment to the Code should allow provinces to grant online gaming licenses to individuals. In 2016, Quebec banned access to illegal websites.

Gaming Regulators

Due to the existing legislative framework, the authorities of the Canadian provinces are both operators and regulators of the gambling business. Legislative acts have several similar aspects, which they focus on. These include:

  • protecting society from the unwanted consequences of gambling;
  • responsible game;
  • the types and number of games offered;
  • financial control;
  • the investigation, security, and surveillance of gambling sites.

How to play?

At the legislative level, Canada does not have a federal basis for regulating online casinos. The Criminal Code (Criminal Code, hereinafter referred to as the Code) in articles 197 to 212 provides for a list of permitted games and liability for illegal gambling.

Gambling is allowed, in which the player needs to show special skills and abilities to win. These are called “mixed chance games”

When registering in Canadian online casinos, bingo halls, or poker rooms, you need to provide personal information, provide documents confirming your identity and bank account number.

According to federal law, persons who have reached the age of majority (18 years old) have the right to gamble. Most provinces have increased the age limit for players to 19, but Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec have 18.

Operators must retain player data and transaction information for a period specified by local legislation.

Overall assessment of gambling in Canada

Even despite the fact that in some provinces only the state lottery is available to players, there is no complete ban on gambling. Some jurisdictions give their residents a little more options, while others try to limit. But in most cases, not only lottery draws are available, but also free gambling, horse racing, bookmakers.